King Ezgara Diskanar ruled the Letherii Empire during Midnight Tides.

"In his sixth decade, the king’s features remained surprisingly youthful. He was of average height, slightly on the lean side, his gestures revealing a nervous energy that seemed tireless. The bones beneath his features were prominent and somewhat asymmetrical, the result of a childhood incident with a bad-tempered horse. Right cheekbone and orbital arch sat flatter and higher than their counterparts on the left side of the king’s face, making the eye on that side seem larger and rounder. It was a poorly functioning eye and had a tendency to wander independently when Ezgara was irritated or weary. Healers could have corrected the damage, but the king forbade it - even as a child, he had been obstinate and wilful, and not in the least concerned with outward appearance."
―Description of the King[src]

His queen was Janall and his heir was Quillas. At the time, the royal line was fractured into factions, with Ezgara and his first concubine leading one, and the Queen, chancellor, and Quillas leading the other.

In Midnight TidesEdit

The King had promoted Brys Beddict to the position of King's Champion, his personal bodyguard, due to Brys' extensive skill with the sword.

Spoiler warning: The following section contains significant plot details about Ezgara Diskanar.

Ezgara was assassinated by his chancellor who put poison in his wine whilst the King's Champion, Brys Beddict, fought the Tiste Edur leader Rhulad Sengar. The chancellors involvement came to light when he reminisced on it later.[1] At the time of the poisoning, the reader is led to believe that it was Nifadas who had added the poison. It is possible that the wine was poisoned twice.

Significant plot details end here.

Notes and referencesEdit

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