Eres, or the Eres'al, was an Elder God or spirit of the Eres people, an ancient race existing before the Imass. She often appeared to Bottle, a mage, in his dreams. Nerek witches told Kettle that Eres was her mother, and Silchas Ruin promised to discover who her father was:[1]

"Knowing how Eres plays the game, lass, he might not even be your father yet. She wanders time, Kettle, in a manner no-one else can even understand, much less emulate. And this is very much her world. She is the fire that never dies. She will choose— or has chosen— with great deliberation. Your father was, is, or will be someone of great importance."
―Silchas Ruin talking with Kettle about her mother[src]
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In House of Chains and The BonehuntersEdit

Eres disguised herself as a human, acting as an aide and lover to Adjunct Tavore. She disappeared once her identity was discovered.

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