A humanoid people in existance before the Imass, the Eres were said to be the first species given the spark of awareness. An individual of the Eres people was known as an Eres'al.[1] The Eres lived in savannahs, and were a tall, dark skinned people whose bodies were covered in fine hair. According to Onrack, every member of the species was akin to a Bonecaster. Though they definitely survived into the time of the Imass, it was implied that they were extinct at the time of the Bonehunters.

The Eres language was considered "The First Language". It was characterised by clicks and glottal stops.[2]

While describing the visions that the Eres'al sent to Bottle, he told Quick Ben that the Eres lived for the seas and oceans. They had made many different types of boats, and that at some time, they conquered the entire world. However, Bottle insinuated that the Eres were pushed away by the appearance of humans. However, they had indeed explored the entire world.[3]


"...she, [an Eres'al], is the last innocent creature, the last innocent ancestor of our line. After her… the degradation of spirit begins. The shifting of perspective, the separation from all else, the carving of borders – in the ground, in the mind’s way of seeing. After her, there’s only… us."
Bottle's thoughts on the Eres and their human descendants[src]

Notes and referencesEdit

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