South Genabackis

South Genabackis

Elingarth was a city on the southeastern coast of the continent of Genabackis. It was located at the southern entrance of an inlet and connected by a road/track to North March. To the east it was bordered by the Lamatath Plain.[1][2]

The native language was called Elin and was related to the Daru tongue.[3]

The town was renown for its religious mercenary groups, amongst them the The Grey Swords and the Blue Shields.[4]

Merchant trader ships from Elingarth were found anchored in Darujhistan.[5]

Characters originating from ElingarthEdit

In Memories of IceEdit

Picker bought a couple of torcs off the trader Munug. He claimed that the ivory was ancient and came from the corpse of a furred, tusked monster, once Treach's favoured prey, found in frozen mud in Elingarth.[7]

Lady Envy was told by a priest of the Tenescowri that a caravan from Elingarth had encamped beyond the wall of Bastion and that night, when those foreigners were 'rewarded' (i.e. killed), the first Child of the Dead Seed was created.[8]

Notes and referencesEdit

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