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Estideein eleint by dejan-delic

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Interpretation of the Soletaken Eleint Anomander Rake by dejan-delic

The Eleint were an ancient and powerful race of pure dragons,[1] not to be confused with Soletaken Eleint.

They possessed more than one heart.[2]

In Reaper's GaleEdit

Beak observed that Stormy and Gesler were "re-forged in the fires of Tellann". He then went on to say: "Telas, Kurald Liosan, the fires, the ones dragons fly through to gain immunities and other proofs against magic and worse".[3]

In The Crippled GodEdit

Sandalath Drukorlat remembered how long before the rise of human empires, the Hold of Starvald Demelain, home realm of the dragons, was cut off from them by the Hust Legion, on Anomander Rake's orders. Whilst Rake was going to fight them beyond the Rent, denying them the Throne of Shadow, the legion was ordered to march through the gate and fight the Eleint until only five of the legion remained. Those five were ordered to then seal that wound (the rent presumably). The Eleint stopped coming for a long time thus buying Rake and the other Andii time.[4]

A few dragons were left to wander the Holds and human realm when the Elder God K'rul struck a deal with them. He proposed that each should take upon themselves a certain aspect of a new type of magic. These aspects would manifest as Warrens, a new, more ordered kind of magic. It should be noted that it isn't clear what K'rul offered the dragons in return.[citation needed]

After this aspecting, many of the dragons were hunted down and chained, as killing them would cause the magic in the Warrens aspected to them to disappear. In addition, one dragon, Korabas, was Otataral aspected, a necessary ingredient in order to counterbalance the appearance of this new magic.[citation needed]


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