Dunsparrow was born on Quon Tali[1] and was Captain of the City Guard in Y'Ghatan at the time of Leoman's taking over of the city. She was then described as having solid features, sun-darkened and light grey eyes and her age was put at about 25 years.[2]

In The BonehuntersEdit

Dunsparrow was named Leoman's Third and later became his lover. Corabb Bhilan Thenu'alas, Leoman's Second, feared her influence and considered killing her should she show the slightest hint of betrayal.[3]

During the assault on Y'Ghatan by the Bonehunters, Dunsparrow fled with Leoman through the realm of the Queen of Dreams.[4][5]

Sradal Purthu, an acolyte of Poliel had tried to kill Dunsparrow when she was in charge of Y'Ghatan but had failed, and was forced out of the city and fled to G'danisban.[6]

History Edit

It was revealed that Dunsparrow was the half-sister of Whiskeyjack[7] and that whilst Fiddler knew her when she was only a child, Quick Ben and Kalam had met her only once in Malaz City. Fiddler recounted that Dunsparrow had been born to a dead woman (Whiskeyjack's step-mother) and, as her father had already died outside Quon, the infant had been given up to Hood's temple by the town elders. He and Whiskeyjack then stole her back even though she had already been consecrated in Hood's name.[8]

Dunsparrow only found out that she had been marked by Hood when the Queen of Dreams told her.[9]

Notes and referencesEdit

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