Interpretation of Dujek by Yapattack

Dujek Onearm by Matt Smith

Interpretation of Dujek Onearm by Matt Smith

Dujek Onearm was the High Fist of the Genabackis Campaign[1] and Commander of the Malaz 2nd Army (a veteran army also known as Onearm's Host).[2]

Dujek's nickname "Onearm" was due to the lack of a left arm, which had been severed just below the shoulder. He was considered one of the great commanders, inspiring a sense of security, stability and sanity in his followers.[3]

As of the 1163rd year of Burn's Sleep Dujek was seventy-nine years old according to Tattersail,[4] though he looked as if he were fifty. Tattersail possibly quoted from an un-reliable source as Dujek was also supposed to have been present in the very earliest days of the Empire which would make him several decades older.[citation needed]

He had grey eyes, which remained unyielding, and a tanned, lean face. He was also described as having scarred features. Dujek stood at five foot, six inches and had hairy, chalk-white calves.[4] He often smelled of cinnamon water.[5] Dujek's calves were visible between the sharkskin straps of his Napan sandals and he wore a pommeled long-sword.[6]

Dujek and Whiskeyjack were close friends.[7]

In Gardens of the MoonEdit

In 1154BS, Dujek was a subordinate to Commander Whiskeyjack and helped put down the riots in the Mouse Quarter of Malaz City.[8]

Nine years later in 1163BS, Dujek was the popular commander of the 2nd Army and mired in the three year Siege of Pale. The arrival of Malazan High Mage Tayschrenn sparked a sorcerous conflagration against the defending Anomander Rake and his skykeep, Moon's Spawn. The city was successfully captured, but at great cost to the Bridgeburners and the Mage cadre.[9]

Dujek's popularity with his troops carried a political cost. On his way to Pale, Captain Paran was told by Topper that Empress Laseen wanted Dujek, as he put it, 'disarmed'. The reason he gave was that Dujek had a loyal following and posed a threat to the Empress. Many believed that Kellanved had meant for Dujek to be his successor, not Laseen.[10] Paran disappeared shortly after presenting himself to Dujek, and the High Fist queried Whiskeyjack about whether the Bridgeburners might be responsible. Dujek warned the Sergeant that Paran was Adjunct Lorn's man.[11]

In the aftermath of the siege, the decimated 2nd Army was officially disbanded. The remnants, together with those of the 6th Army, were assimilated into the 5th Army, again under the command of Dujek.[12]

The High Fist soon clashed with Tayschrenn over the governance of Pale. Attempts to cull the city's nobility were forestalled when the city's census records burned and Tayschrenn angrily doubted Dujek's claims that the fire had been an accident.[13] Their conflict came to a head when Dujek's agents intercepted a Claw carrying a message for Tayschrenn. The handwritten letter from the Empress ordered the High Mage to arrest and execute Dujek.[14]

Dujek made the decision to cut himself and his ten thousand troops[15] loose from the Empire that feared and distrusted him in order to confront the threat of the Pannion Domin. He parlayed with the approaching enemy forces of Caladan Brood and Kallor in order to leave Pale, secured his alliance with the Black Moranth, and brought the Bridgeburners back into the fold. Dujek made Whiskeyjack his second-in-command and placed the Bridgeburners in command of the returned Captain Paran.[16]

Deadhouse GatesEdit

Despite his status as renegade, Dujek sponsored an expedition of the Trygalle Trade Guild to provide Fist Coltaine and his Chain of Dogs with desperately needed food and water during their trek across Seven Cities. Additionally, Coltaine was presented with an ensorcelled bottle of smoky glass on a chain which he was instructed to wear at all times because "the Empress must not lose you".[17]

Spoiler warning: The following section contains significant plot details about Dujek Onearm.

Kalam Mekhar traveled to Malaz City to make the Empress pay for a list of crimes which included her betrayal of Dujek and the Bridgeburners. When he finally confronted her, the Empress informed the Bridgeburner assassin that the revolt of the 2nd Army had been a ruse orchestrated by Dujek himself. The Fist recognized the growing threat of the Pannion Domin but knew his troops could not handle the problem alone. So the outlawing of Dujek provide him an opportunity to make allies of his enemies in order to fight the common foe. Tayschrenn was in on the plot as well, serving as Dujek's "Shaved Knuckle in the Hole".[18]

Significant plot details end here.

In Memories of IceEdit

Dujek commanded the renegade Malazan army.[19]

Spoiler warning: The following section contains significant plot details about Dujek Onearm.

In The BonehuntersEdit

He succumbed to the plague spread by Poliel on the continent of Seven Cities.

Significant plot details end here.


In the Emperor's time, Dujek had fought in the Wickan Wars against Coltaine. During one battle, a young Bult severely injured Duiker with his lance. Dujek responded by attacking the Wickan with his sword, giving him a cut to the face that caused a disfiguring scar. Bult's horse in turn bit Dujek's arm causing him to lose that arm to the surgeons.[20]

Dujek later went on to fight in the Seven Cities campaign. Dujek had once been under Whiskeyjack's command.[7]

According to Tattersail, Dujek had been with the Emperor's old guard on the day Dassem Ultor was murdered in Y'Ghatan.[21]

Kalam Mekhar remembered that Korbolo Dom had replaced Whiskeyjack after Raraku and in turn was replaced by Dujek.[22]

Notes and referencesEdit

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