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Biographical information
PseudonymsSuzerain of Night
AppearanceBroad shouldered, pale skin, black hair/beard and depthless eyes
FamilySrela, adoptive mother
Envy, daughter
Spite, daughter
Malice, daughter
Arathan, son
Social information
AffiliationHigh House Dark
Occupation(s)Elder God
Title(s)Consort of Dark

Draconus was the consort of Mother Dark, and brother of both K'rul and the Sister of Cold Nights. Draconus did not assume the form of a dragon but rather winged darkness. He was enormous in size, appearing alike a black dragon described as having wings like flames of night, with argent reptillian eyes.

He and his siblings cursed Kallor to live forever and never ascend, and yet still suffer the ravages of time. At the same time, Kallor used the power of hundreds of thousands of deaths caused by the collapse of his empire to curse Draconus. The curse was that Draconus would be "[imprisoned] in a creation of his own making".

He had three daughters, Envy, Spite and Malice and a son, Arathan[1]. He was also a blacksmith and the one who forged the sword Dragnipur.

He was imprisoned within his own sword by Anomander Rake while his daughters looked on. At the death of Anomander Rake and the destruction of Dragnipur Draconus was released in Lether, resulting in the decimation of the Barghast and Akrynnai armies.

In Dust of Dreams Edit

Draconus returned to the land of the living and travelled with Ublala Pung and the Skincut Barghast Ralata.

In The Crippled God Edit

Draconus carried his sword in a scabbard of midnight wood. He was walking into the east with Ublala Pung and Ralata. After leaving them, he sought out Kilmandaros and Sechul Lath seeking revenge upon them for unleashing Korabas.

In Forge of Darkness Edit

The events in Forge of Darkness show Draconus before the forging of Dragnipur.

He was the adopted son of the late Srela[2] and it was suggested that the mother of his three daughters was Olar Ethil[3], not Sheltatha Lore as previously thought. He also had a son called Arathan by a different woman. Olar Ethil called Draconus the 'Suzerain of Nights'[4]. It was revealed that Draconus was an extremely powerful Azathanai whose aspect was darkness. When Mother Dark was just a Tiste Andii noblewoman, Draconus gifted her with his aspect, leading to her ascension.

Significant plot details end here.


"The world around you speaks your language (...) It can do no else. All you see has the paint of your words."

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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