Dessimbelackis was the founder of the human First Empire. His D'ivers form was the Deragoth, once seven, now five. He was also responsible for the creation and imprisonment of Dejim Nebrahl, the T'rolbarahl D'ivers.

He had an alliance with the Hounds of Darkness to divide his soul into seven. In Dessimbelackis there was worshiped through a single one of his visages the god of war, before Treach's goodhood.

Dessimbelackis was disgusted at humanity's abuse of animals in their own time and sought to teach them a lesson, through the creation of a ritual out of chaos. He sought to bind human to beast, forming D'ivers and Soletaken to teach humanity a lesson, though the ritual he created was much older than he or this world.

Notes and referencesEdit

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