Denul was the human Warren of healing.[1]

It was described as wild and dangerous by Mallet:

Healing should never be separated between the flesh and the sense of the flesh. It’s hard to explain. The Denul Warrens involve every aspect of healing, since damage, when it occurs, does so on all levels. Shock is the scar that bridges the gap between the body and the mind.[2]

Forced healing was a traumatic experience often leaving the pale, shaken, and sweaty.[3] The healing of especially traumatic injuries could cause long term psychological impact. "Forced healing demands a price," noted Shadowthrone. "The flesh recovers while the mind writhes with the memory of pain, that bludgeon of helplessness."[4]

In Forge of DarknessEdit

Ilgast Rend, after performing a healing, told Calat Hustain that there was a Shake word to describe "that sense, as of the myriad things in nature giving sudden and most fixed attention upon a person, and the uncanny shiver that comes of it" to which Hustain replied "Denul".[5]

Notable UsersEdit

Notes and referencesEdit

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