Delum Thord was a young warrior of the Uryd clan of the Teblor.[1] He was of an age with Karsa Orlong and Bairoth Gild. Unlike his fellow warriors, he was quiet and often kept his thoughts to himself.[2] He was familiar with the tales and legends of his people.[3]

In House of ChainsEdit

Delum, along with Bairoth, was one of the members of Karsa Orlong's war party that sought to outdo the fabled raid of Karsa's grandfather Pahlk on Silver Lake. When the trio discovered the Forkrul Assail, Calm, pinned under a stone slab, Delum counseled against freeing her. He was seriously injured defending Karsa from Calm's subsequent attack, suffering four deep puncture wounds in his forehead from her fingers. The loss of oozing "thought-blood" from this wounds essentially left him with the intellectual capacity of a dog and he spent the rest of the journey running, feeding, and sleeping among Gnaw and his pack.[4]

When the Teblor raiders arrived at Silver Lake, a guilt stricken and weeping Bairoth painted Delum's face with the blood-mask of a warrior on a suicide mission.[5] In the attack that followed, Delum was struck down by a mob of townspeople as he attempted to defend his beloved dog pack.[6]

Later, Karsa found himself in Raraku on Seven Cities. In a glade of petrified trees he carved the images of The Seven Faces in the Rock as well as his companions, Bairoth and Delum. He soon realised the spirits of his friends remained tied to him.[7] Delum maintained his measured wisdom and offered his warleader advice.[8][9] Ultimately, Karsa forged a sword of stone, offering it as a refuge for his friends' souls.[10] Karsa named the sword Bairoth Delum.[11]

Unbeknownst to Delum, he had a twin sister among the Found.[12]

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