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Malazan Empire

Delanss (sometimes spelled Delans) was the capital city of the second most populous of the Falari Isles north of Quon Tali. It was a closed, tightly knit society whose "capitulation to its Malazan invaders seemed to have amounted to no more than changing the colour of the flags atop the harbour fortress" although Talian was the land's unofficial second tongue.[1]

Delanss was the home of several prestigious fighting academies, including Grieg's Academy, the School of the Curved Blade, and the Black Falcon School.[2]

Its wealthy elite dressed in a fashion that conspicuously displayed their status. An aristocratic male might wear rounded cloth hats decked with semi-precious stones, thick fur-trimmed robes, long silver chains around the neck, and multiple gemmed rings.[3]

Notable residentsEdit

  • Best, blackmarketeer and extortionist
  • Janul, former High Fist and Tyrant

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

During the time of unrest prior to the Malazan civil war, former High Fist Janul had named himself Tyrant of Delanss.[4]

In StonewielderEdit

After the Malazan civil war, Greymane and Kyle made their home in the city. Greymane unsuccessfully attempted to run a fighting academy there.[5]


"I hate this place. These people would bend over for donkeys if they had gold."

Notes and referencesEdit

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