The Deathslayer, (or Death Slayer),[1] was one of the unaligned[citation needed] cards in the Deck of Dragons.[2] The card was mentioned three times, twice in The Bonehunters and again in Return of the Crimson Guard.

In The BonehuntersEdit

Fiddler identified Death Slayer as the Crippled God and as a counterpoint to Icarium's card, the Lifeslayer.[3]

Stormy: "What's the last card?"
Fiddler: "Icarium's counterpoint, of sorts. Death Slayer."
Stormy: "Who in the Abyss is that supposed to be? That's impossible."
Fiddler: "Who? Well, let's see. Squalid hut of skins and sticks, brazier coughing out smoke, a hooded thing inside the hut, broken limbed, shackles sunk into the earth. Now, who might that be?"
―Fiddler and Stormy[src]

When Fiddler did a reading of the Deck, Bottle received Deathslayer. After dealing the card, Fiddler said, "She plays and she takes, and so— (...) Deathslayer."[4]

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

The card was mentioned by Heuk together with some other cards. According to him it meaned that something was happening.[5]

"Obelisk high, Deathslayer close, Crown inverted, the Apokalyptic!"

Notes and referencesEdit

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