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Map Darujhistan


The last of the Free Cities, Darujhistan had been called the "City of Cities". It existed in central Genabackis, on the southern shore of Lake Azur. It was mainly populated by people of Daru and Gadrobi descent.

It was a city built on a rumour. The rumour was that in the Gadrobi Hills to the south there was a great power. Extensive excavations revealed nothing but underground caverns of gas which were later channelled to provide light for the city. (It was the only known city to use natural gas in this way.) Because of the blue flame produced by burning natural gas, Darujhistan was also called "The City of Blue Fire".

The city was ostensibly ruled by a noble Council from Majesty Hall but in truth by the T'orrud Cabal, nine mages that were almost all wiped out by the Assassins' Guild on contract for Empress Laseen.

Geography Edit

Inland from Gadrobi district's harbor the land rose in four tiers climbing eastward. Ramped cobblestone streets, worn to a polished mosaic, marked Gadrobi district's Trade Streets, five in all, which were the only routes through Marsh district and the next tier, Lakefront district. Beyond Lakefront's crooked aisles twelve wooden gates opened into Daru district, and from Daru another twelve gates — these ones manned by the City Watch and barred by iron portcullis — connected the lower and upper cities.

On the fourth and highest tier brooded the estates of Darujhistan nobility as well as its publicly known sorcerers. At the intersection of Old King's Walk and View Street rose a flat-topped hill on which sat Majesty Hall, where each day the Council gathered. A narrow park encircled the hill, with sandstrewn pathways winding among centuries-old acacias. At the park's entrance, near High Gallows Hill, stood a massive rough-hewn gate, the last-surviving remnant of the castle that had once commanded Majesty Hill.

Notable Inhabitants Edit

  • Baruk: High alchemist and member of the T'orrud Cabal
  • Coll: Onetime city councillor and aristocrat, also a drunk and a regular at the Phoenix Inn.
  • Crokus: A young thief and nephew to Mammot.
  • Kruppe: A fence, a regular at the Phoenix Inn and a man of surprising depths.
  • Mammot: A mage, historian of Darujhistan, uncle to Crokus, member of the T'orrud Cabal.
  • Murillio: A courtier and regular at the Phoenix Inn.
  • Rallick Nom: An assasin and a regular at the Phoenix Inn.
  • Vorcan: High Mage, Master of Assasins and member of the T'orrud Cabal.

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