Damisk was a Nathii[1] and an associate of Silgar. Prior to his association with the slaver he had been a tracker in the Greydog army during the Malazan conquest.[2]

His brow was marked with a tribal tattoo.[3]

In House of ChainsEdit

Damisk, working as a guard, accompanied a group of scouts and priests into the lands of the Sunyd Teblor. They stumbled upon the war party of Karsa Orlong, Bairoth Gild, and Delum Thord shortly after the three Teblor freed Calm, the Forkrul Assail. Damisk was the only lowlander to escape with his life and successfully killed the Teblor dogs that pursued him.[4]

When Karsa attacked Silver Lake, he was severely wounded and Damisk secured his capture for Silgar.[5] The Teblor warrior soon escaped Silgar's slave trench only to be recaptured by Malazan soldiers of the Ashok Regiment. Silgar attempted to pay Sergeant Cord for Karsa's return and was himself promptly arrested for bribery along with Damisk, Borrug, and others of Silgar's men.[6]

Karsa, Damisk, Silgar, Torvald Nom, and the others were sent by ship to work in the Malazan Otataral mines of Seven Cities.[7] But an unnatural storm instead sent them into the flooded Warren fragment known as the Nascent. Damisk, Silgar, and Borrug became trapped on an island of flotsam where they cannibalised one of the other survivors. When Karsa and Torvald discovered a small dory, Silgar promised to use his Warren to free them all if the two allowed them aboard their boat.[8]

Once Silgar delivered them back to the coast of Seven Cities, he and his men left Karsa and Torvald behind.[9] But Silgar was determined to recapture his hated slave and arranged for Karsa and Torvald to be captured by Arak tribesmen. Torvald revealed the location of the Arak camp to their enemies, the Gral, and Silgar escaped with Karsa and Damisk by Warren before they could be slaughtered.[10]

In Ehrlitan, Damisk and Silgar were arrested by the Malazan garrison on suspicion of illegal slave trading as Karsa had never been branded as required by law.[11] Before the situation could be resolved, Karsa and his cellmate Leoman were rescued from the Malazan prison by Torvald. Karsa and Leoman fled into the desert with Damisk Silgar, and fifteen Malazan horsemen at their heels. Karsa turned on his attackers, severing the hands and feet of Silgar in the process. While Karsa carried off Silgar for a more fitting punishment, Damisk fled with the Malazan survivors.[12]


When asked a question in a fan Q&A regarding Damisk's fate, author Steven Erikson confessed he had no memory of the character.[13]

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