The people who inhabited the Dal Hon Plains were known as the Dal Honese. They were made up of various tribes and described as onyx-skinned. Those from the northern savannah tended to be taller and more willowy than those from the southern jungle.

Known Dal Honese Edit


The Dal Hon league of kingdoms had once been a separate entity from the Malazan Empire two generations before the events of Gardens of the Moon. But the Dal Hon reliance on individual talented warriors was no match for the coordinated, disciplined tactics of the Malazans. Before then the only nation able to successfully war against them was Itko Kan. The Dal Hon attributed their failures against the Malazans to poor generalship.[8][9]


The four sacred weapons of the Dal Hon tribes were bola, kout, hook-scythe and rock.[10]

Gods and GoddessesEdit

The Dal Honese worshipped a menagerie of deities. Amongst them:

Dal Honese ExpressionsEdit

"I'll show you the inside of the Cobra God's nose" - probably north Dal Honese[15]

"Amen and a spit in the eye t'that" - "Amen and a spit in the eye back"[15]

Notes and referencesEdit

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