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The Crimson Guard were a mercenary company stationed on the continent of Genabackis and commanded by the deposed Prince K'azz D'Avore.[1][2] This force handed the Malazan Empire its first major defeat, successfully defending Stratem from invasion. The Guard opposed the Malazan Empire on four continents. They wore a silver dragon sigil and crimson cloaks and their native tongue was Talian.[3]

The Crimson Guard were called Isturé or Isturé Forlan Edegashby by the Thaumaturg.[4][5]

The Vow Edit

The Crimson Guard was created by a vow sworn in the 1066th year of Burn's Sleep by six hundred of K'azz' original followers. These Avowed gained unnaturally long life, strength, speed, and regenerative attributes in return for their oath. The vow was often compared to the ritual of the T'lan Imass as both the ritual and vow were inspired by a desire to reach a goal. Emperor Kellanved had once tried to set his undead legions against the Guard but was refused. The T'lan Imass claimed it would be wrong to oppose such a vow as the one the Guard had taken.[6]

"We gather here on this day in the sight of one another to swear a binding oath. What we here swear is unrelenting and unending opposition to the Malazan Empire for so long as it shall endure. To never abandon or turn away from such opposition. To this cause all gathered here must give their individual agreement and binding commitment. Those of you who know doubt, or who feel unable to pledge yourselves utterly to this cause, are free to go. Nay, are encouraged to go. And all without rancour or ill-feelings...So...this is my Vow. This is what I here pledge and what I, in turn, ask of anyone who would choose to follow me."
  • see Avowed for a list of known Avowed.

The Goal Edit

K'azz had been removed from his ancestral home on Quon Tali by the invasion of the Malazan Empire. Some time after this, the vow was made. Though the exact words of the vow were not recorded, it was implied that the vow would end either when K'azz reclaimed his kingdom, or when the Malazan Empire was finally destroyed. Any Avowed who died joined the "Brethren" who accompanied the Guard as Ghosts - of a sort - and aided them with communications.

Structure Edit

The Crimson Guard was divided into four companies, each of which contained a number of "blades" or squads. Notable in the books were the Ninth Blade and the Sixth Blade.

Companies Edit

Recruitment Edit

It was possible to voluntarily join the Crimson Guard, although newcomers were not part of the original Vow and it was unknown if they received any of its benefits. However, they were trained as formidable fighters. Greymane appeared to have voluntarily joined the Guard for a time.

Replenishing the ranks of the Guard was also achieved through "inductions" — essentially press gangs. Slaves were often purchased and given the apparent choice to join up or be set free, however, those who did not join up were not in fact set free.[7] There were three known rounds of "inductions" since the original formation of the Guard.

The Diaspora Edit

The Malazan Empire did not forget the Guard's opposition on Quon Tali and sent forty thousand men accompanied by Kellanved, Dassem Ultor, Dancer, and Tayschrenn against the Guard lands on Stratem. The overwhelming number of Malazans bypassed the Guard's coastal fortresses, attacking in the east, west, and south. Communication lines were cut, K'azz D'Avore disappeared, and Skinner personally fought Dassem to a standstill. The Malazans were halted, but the Guard was broken and a Diaspora was ordered to preserve it.[8] The Guard broke up into individual companies tasked with finding the Duke and recruiting new members. When the Diaspora was to end it was agreed that they would all gather at Fortress Haven and unite under Skinner's leadership.[9][10]

In Gardens of the MoonEdit

During the Malazan Empire's attempts to conquer Genabackis, Caladan Brood led a unified force of Tiste Andii, Crimson Guard, Rhivi, Mott Irregulars, Barghast and soldiers from the remaining Free Cities against them. Under his command, they managed to bog down and decimate the Malaz 5th Army at Blackdog Forest over a period of four years.[11]

In Memories of IceEdit

The Crimson Guard withdrew from Brood's Host during the Pannion War to attend to internal matters.[12]

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

The Crimson Guard had split up after the events of Gardens of the Moon in an attempt to recruit more soldiers for a planned attack on Quon Tali. However during the course of this recruiting period Skinner and Cowl betrayed K'azz and left him entombed at the Dolmens of Tien on the continent of Jacuruku. It had been assumed that Queen Ardata aided them in some way in doing this.

Crimson Guard by PLUGO

Cole and Lean guarding the bridge by PLUGO

By some unknown signal, the Guard reunited at Fortress Haven on Stratem ending the Diaspora. Under Skinner's overall command they invaded Unta and the Malazan Imperial Palace looking for Laseen and Tayschrenn. Unable to bring either to battle they withdrew, moving further into Quon Tali, sacking Cawn. The Guard force of nearly one hundred Avowed officers, nine thousand Guard veterans, and fifteen thousand recruits from Bael, Stratem, and Cawn soon became embroiled in the Battle of the Plains. Fought near Li Heng, the battle was also a civil war between the Imperial armies of Laseen and the forces of the Talian League led by the remnants of the Old Guard.

About the same time, K'azz was freed by the efforts of Ereko, Traveller and Kyle, after which, they travelled via the Shadow Warren to Quon Tali battlefield where the guard was fracturing under divided loyalties. With K'azz's return, Shimmer rallied loyal Avowed against Skinner, who, broken by the Malazan forces and the renegade Greymane, retreated to the Crippled God's Warren with his traitor Avowed, now known as the Disavowed.

It was assumed that Skinner and Cowl betrayed K'azz so that they could usurp the rule of the Malazan Empire once it was defeated. Doing so would allow them to fulfill the wording of the vow while retaining their power and immortality. About forty Avowed had joined Skinner. The other survivors of the battle, numbering just over twenty, remained loyal to K'azz.

In Blood and BoneEdit

The members of the Avowed and the Disavowed were brought together at the ruins of Jakal Viharn on the isle of Jacuruku. Skinner attempted to challenge K'azz for leadership of the Guard before being slain by Queen Ardata. With Skinner's death, the Disavowed rejoined their brethren. The Enchantress then informed K'azz that he and the Guard needed to travel to Assail for "answers".[13]

Spoiler warning: The following section contains significant plot details about Crimson Guard.

In AssailEdit

Shimmer led an expedition to Assail to rescue Cal-Brinn and the missing Fourth Company. The group was formed of many members of both the Avowed and the former Disavowed, working as one for the first time in many years.[14] Meeting Silverfox and Kilava Onass in the Salt Mountains, the Guard discovered that Kilava had been present at the invocation of their Vow. It had drawn on the same power of Tellann that had created the T'lan Imass. Therefore the Guard were, in essence, a tribe of T'lan Imass--the D'Avore T'lan Imass or the Red Clan.[15] They would continue to have physical form even after their deaths. Those who died could choose to come back. Silverfox could not redeem them as she could the other tribes. That task was for another. Many of the Guard died on Assail, but Cal-Brinn and the others were finally found and brought back home to Stratem.[16]

Significant plot details end here.


In the eighth year of their conflict, the Crimson Guard was hired by the Free Cities to oppose the advance of the Malazan Imperium. They were allied with the Tiste Andii regiments of Moon's Spawn under the command of Caladan Brood and others.[17]

Notes and referencesEdit

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