Corlo Orothos was a mage and among the First Induction of the Crimson Guard. He was part of Iron Bars' Second Blade that was decimated on Assail.

He originally belonged to the city of Unta before the Malazan Empire had taken shape.[1]

His warren was Mockra.

He was described as round faced[2] and was originally from Avore on Quon Tali.[3]

In Midnight TidesEdit

The Second Blade managed to flee Assail by boat to Lether but quickly found themselves in debt.

While in Lether, Corlo and the squad met Seren Pedac, the Acquitor, in the city of Trate as it was falling to the Edur during their invasion of Lether. Once they started travelling together, Corlo identified Seren as a natural talent when it came to Mockra and pointed this out to Seren Pedac, awakening her abilities.

After seven months, they left the Letherii Empire on Shurq Elalle's ship, working as pirates to pay for their passage.

In Reaper's GaleEdit

They were dropped at the eastern coast of Jacuruku, planning to cross the continent and find another ship on the western side.[4]

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

They succeeded in their mission, for the next time they were mentioned was when a slave galley called the Ardent pulled them from their sinking raft in the Southern Rust Sea. The Second Blade commandeered the ship and made their way to the southwest, towards Stratem, their eventual goal.[5] They ran into a ship of the Seguleh, but Iron Bars managed to defeat their spokesman, ensuring their freedom.[6]

Before they could reach Stratem however, their vessel was sunk by a Mare ship and they were sold to the Stormguard for service on the Stormwall.[7]

In StonewielderEdit

Corlo was taken prisoner along with the rest of the Ardent's crew and taken to the Stormwall. Although chained with an otataral collar, he managed to avoid combat on the wall. Instead he was used by the Stormguard as a bargaining chip to motivate Iron Bars' cooperation. Bars quickly became Champion of the Wall but suffered through periods of unresponsive depression that only Corlo could break. Corlo felt great guilt for urging Bars to continue to fight in order to spare both their lives.[8]

Corlo's only other friendly contact was with Jemain, the Ardent's former first mate, who served as a Stormwall trustee. He informed Corlo about Shell and the other Guard who had come to rescue him and Bars. He also sadly reported that all of the Ardent's Guardsmen had perished on the Wall, including Halfpeck.[9][10] Corlo informed Bars about their fates, and the Avowed went mad and tried to murder him.[11]

When the Wall began to come down, Jemain found Corlo hopelessly pinned under rubble in the infirmary. He was forced to cut off the mage's leg at the knee to free him. Then he, Corlo, and Bars were transported to safety by Blues via warren.[12]

Notes and referencesEdit

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