Cord was a sergeant in the 2nd Company of the Ashok Regiment[1] under Captain Kindly.

He was a Seven Cities native[2] described as being dark-skinned, with a "scarred face beneath a bald, tattoo-stitched pate" and his smile, due to his gold teeth, "a row of gleaming gold".[3][4]

In House of ChainsEdit

Cord was stationed with the Ashok Regiment in Silver Lake on Genabackis. He and several others in his squad were under house arrest for drunkeness when Karsa Orlong attacked their garrison. The mage, Ebron, released and armed Cord and the other squad members and they were able to capture the rampaging Teblor. Afterwards, Cord had the slaver, Silgar, arrested after he attempted to bribe Cord for his slave's return.[5]

As a response to rumours of rebellion on Seven Cities, Kindly's regiment was recalled back from Genabackis. Cord's squad took charge of bringing the prisoners, Karsa, Silgar, and Torvald Nom to Seven Cities for inprisonment in the Malazan Empire's Otataral mines. But in Tanys they separated to take the voyage in different ships.[6]

Back in their homeland, Cord's company had come under siege in the ancient cliff-side fortress of B'ridys by Irriz and his Seven Cities renegades. After Captain Kindly and Lieutenant Pores disappeared whilst exploring the fortress, Cord, as the only sergeant left, took over command of the remaining fifty-one soldiers. Cord, the mage Ebron and Bell, observed as Kalam Mekhar gave mercy to three of the rebels, who had been poisoned with Tralb, and climbed down by rope to make contact with him. Kalam demanded the mage eliminate the poisoned water and agreed to get them Irriz in exchange. He accomplished that with the help of an Azalan demon who grabed Irriz and killed the rest of the rebels in the space of less than a minute. Afterwards, inside the fortress, Cord put Kalam in charge of his own old squad which consisted of Shard, Bell and Limp. Cord told Kalam to make his report later and not to give him unasked for advice. Kalam retorted that he would only follow Cord's orders to a degree.[7]

Cord showed Kalam the well where Kindly and Pores had disappeared. When Cord again emphasized that he was in charge, Kalam decided he had had enough and pulled rank on him. Not only as a corporal in the Bridgeburner but he resurrected his old status as a Claw leader and took over command from Cord. The sergeants reaction seemed to indicate that he had deliberately goaded Kalam to do just that. Kalam than ordered Cord to go and make everyone ready to leave the fortress. Alerted by noise, the sergeant returned to the well chamber to find Kalam, soaked through, lying on the floor. The Corporal told Cord not to draw from the now blood-red well anymore. Cord left to get blankets and some of the others, amongst them the mage Ebron. Having established that Kalam had almost freed the demon at the bottom of the well and that once completely freed the demon would be pursuing Kalam, Ebron told Cord that they should make haste to get away as far as possible from the corporal. Kalam advised them to join the Malaz 14th Army, which was marching on Raraku, as Adjunct Tavore Paran could do with more veterans like them. As the army would have already left Aren, it would probably take them about a month to catch up with it. Cord wished Kalam luck.[8]

In the aftermath of the Battle of Raraku, the regiment's 16 survivors ambushed and slew the sorceress, Fayelle, and a small band of Dogslayers. Then they fled for their lives from the onrushing waters that flooded Raraku.[9]

In The BonehuntersEdit

Cord's squad:

Cord was one of the group of soldiers who survived the Last Siege of Y'Ghatan by escaping through tunneling their way out from under the city.[12]

In Reaper's GaleEdit

Cord headed the 7th squad, 9th Company, 8th Legion.[13]

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