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Black Coral and environs

Map Genabackis from Memories of Ice

Map Genabackis published in MoI

Coral was a city on the east coast of Genabackis. Its citizens were referred to as Coralessians.[1]

Coral was amongst those cities that were overrun by the Pannion Domin.[1] Its ruler, Prince Arard, fled to Capustan along with his loyal followers, the Coralessian Company.

It was a vital city in the Pannion Domin, and a stronghold for the Pannion Seer.

Places of interest Edit

In Memories of IceEdit

Black coral by tsabo6

Interpretation of the siege of Coral by Tsabo6

Coral was later liberated at great cost by the coalition of Dujek's 5th Army and Caladan Brood's Host. It was the site of the last official battle for the Bridgeburners.

Coral was also where the Pannion Seer brought the once Claw, Toc the Younger after Outlook fell.

Black Coral Edit

During the liberation of Coral, the Tiste Andii unveiled Kurald Galain overhead, causing Coral to fall into eternal Darkness. As Korlat explained, "the unveiling of Kurald Galain … is a permanent manifestation. The city now lies as much within the Tiste Andii warren as within this world."[2]

Coral became the new home of the Tiste Andii and was renamed Black Coral. With the destruction of their floating fortress-city of Moon's Spawn in the assault on Coral, the Tiste Andii took Black Coral as their main place of residence and stayed there for some time under their lord Anomander Rake. However, with the opening of the gate to Kurald Galain in the heart of Black Coral the Andii left the city for their original capital of Kharkanas.[citation needed]

In AssailEdit

The bard Fisher kel Tath heard rumours that after the fall of Moon's Spawn many Andii left Black Coral for the island of Drift Avalii.[3]

Notes and referencesEdit

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