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Coll was a noble, Coll Jhamin of House Jhamin,[1] who lost his position and became a drunk.[2] He was one of the regulars at the Phoenix Inn in Darujhistan[3] where he was often found in the company of Rallick Nom, Murillio, Crokus, and Kruppe.[4] He sometimes served as an agent for the alchemist Baruk along with Kruppe and the other Inn regulars.[5]

Coll was described as having thinning hair,[6] broad shoulders, and blunt features.[7]

He had some martial training and at one time had men of the city's guard reporting to him.[8]

In Gardens of the MoonEdit

Coll had once been a nobleman and member of the Noble Council. His downfall began when he had broken off his arranged marriage to instead marry the woman he loved, a prostitute named Aystal. As Coll's wife, Aystal changed her name to Lady Simtal and began an ambitious bid for power. With the aid of her highborn conquests, Simtal soon forced Coll from his estate, stripped him of his title and wealth, and had him officially listed as dead in the city's records.[9]

Coll's friends Rallick Nom and Murillio secretly sought to restore Coll to his former position. Rallick's attempt to assassinate Simtal went awry when Oponn interfered and caused Councilman Lim to die in her place.[10]

Before his friends could make another attempt, Coll, Murillio, Kruppe, and Crokus were sent by Baruk into the Gadrobi Hills to investigate the activity of the Malazan Adjunct Lorn.[11] The group stumbled upon Lorn, resulting in a skirmish in which Coll was wounded. The others left Coll behind to recover while they returned to the city to inform Baruk of their findings.[12]

Coll's campsite was soon discovered by Captain Ganoes Paran and the two became uneasy allies.[13] Paran's unnatural luck worked to Coll's benefit, as his wounds had become infected, and Paran brought him back to Darujhistan. Meanwhile Rallick discovered that Simtal's lover Turban Orr had contracted with the Assassins' Guild to end Coll's life.[14] Rallick ambushed the assassin at the city's gate, allowing Paran and Coll to safely enter. Once back at the Phoenix Inn, Paran arranged for Coll to be tended by the Bridgeburner healer Mallet, which saved his life.[15]

As events with larger ramifications took place, Murillio distracted Lady Simtal while Rallick Nom challenged Turban Orr to a duel over an assumed slight. Turban Orr was killed and this led to Coll sobering up and being restored to his rightful position.

In Memories of Ice Edit

Once again a member of the Council, Coll joined Estraysian D'Arle to represent Darujhistan in the negotiations with the merged forces of Caladan Brood and Onearm's Host. He was attached to the combined army for the march on Capustan against the Pannion Domin.[7] He travelled with Brood's forces, eventually joining Murillio as the Mhybe's primary care-givers.

In Orb Sceptre ThroneEdit

Coll was one of the Council members negotiating with the Seguleh.

Notes and referencesEdit

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