Chenned was a captain in Coltaine's 7th Army and likely a veteran of the Wickan Wars.[1] Captain Lull mentioned that Chenned's father was rumored to have been in Dassem Ultor's First Sword.[2]

In Deadhouse Gates Edit

Chenned observed the arrival of the Wickans in Hissar together with Mallick Rel, Duiker, and Kulp and was upset about the choice of Coltaine as the new Fist of the 7th Army. He said many officers in Coltaine's new command had seen their first blood fighting the Fist when he fought against the Malazan Empire in the Wickan Wars.[3]

When the Whirlwind rebellion drove the 7th Army out of Hissar, Chenned became one of Coltaine's Chain of Dogs. Imperial Historian Duiker was formally introduced to Chenned the night before the Battle of Sekala Crossing. There, the captain was assigned to the western bank of the River Sekala on the opposite side of the rest of the army. His 7th Army troops fought alongside the Foolish Dog Clan and the Red Blades to prevent the Semk from stopping Coltaine's crossing.[4]

Chenned was last mentioned just before the Battle of Sanimon.[5] He likely perished somewhere along the Aren Way or with the rest of the 7th Army just north of Aren's gates.[6]

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