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Cawn was a coastal city east of Li Heng on the continent of Quon Tali. It lay at the mouth of the Idryn river on an inlet off the Nap Sea.[1] Cawn Vor which was mentioned by Rellock as being north of Kan may have been another name for Cawn or the name of a location close to it.[2]

Trade ran up and down the Idryn river between Cawn and Li Heng. The Cawnese were known for their rapacious bureaucrats, who could tax, fee, and tithe visitors out of all their funds.[3]

The city celebrated an annual Festival of Lights in which the citizenry launched fleets of candles and tiny lamps bearing offerings of thanks and propitiations.[4]

Notable natives of Cawn Edit


"Farewell to all these bureaucracy-choked lands! A curse upon all you assessors and collectors and all you state-run bandits! May you choke in Hood's craw! Goodbye to all fees, tithes, taxes, bills and levies! Damn you all to the darker side of the Abyss!"
―Cartharon Crust bids farewell to Cawn[src]

Notes and referencesEdit

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