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Map Capustan


Map Genabackis from Memories of Ice

Genabackis at the time of the Pannion War

Capustan Texture 9

Capustan model by [Capustan by Corporal Nobbs aka Luktarig

Capustan was a large city on the north side of the river Catlin[1] in the south east region of Genabackis. Capustan was built on an ancestral Barghast burial ground.

The city itself was divided into districts known as Camps. These camps were distinct, self-contained settlements, usually circular, with a private open area at the central hub. They were divided from each other by by wide uneven spaces which were treated as streets. The only area which did not conform to this layout was the Temple District. It was the old town at centre of Capustan where the Thrall, an old Daru keep now home to The Mask Council, was located.

The architecture was plain and unpainted. It was said that the beauty of Capustan lay in its people, the Capans who wore the bright colours of their kin and the Daru who clung to their own styles and ornamentation.


The main faith of Capustan was that of the God Fener, who later returned to mortal form. Fener was also known as the "Boar of Summer" and God of War.

The Mask CouncilEdit

The Mask Council was a council of priests representing fourteen ascendants in Capustan.[2]

Important people in CapustanEdit

The Pannion WarEdit

In the 1160th year of Burn's Sleep, the advancing Pannion Domin

Capustan final1 bak

Capustan model by Corporal Nobbs

Capustan water 2ME

Capustan (watercolour) by Corporal Nobbs

threatened to engulf Capustan. High Fist Dujek Onearm and Caladan Brood formed a fragile alliance to help save the 'doomed' city.

Notes and referencesEdit

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