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Interpretation of Caladan Brood by Yapattack

Caladan Brood was a warlord, often called 'the Warlord'[1] who was opposing the Malazan armies in the North Campaign[2]. He was said to be human with Barghast blood.[3]

Brood was a longtime friend and companion to Anomander Rake. His primary warren was Tennes, but he also had access to D'riss and High Denul. He carried Burn's Hammer.

In Gardens of the Moon Edit

During the Malazan Empire's attempts to conquer Genabackis, Caladan Brood led a unified force of Tiste Andii, Crimson Guard, Rhivi, Mott Irregulars, Barghast and soldiers from the remaining Free Cities against them. Under his command, his forces managed to delay the Malaz 5th Army from completely conquering the north of the continent at Blackdog Forest for a period of at least four years.[4]

In Memories of IceEdit

He allied himself with his former enemies, the Malazans, in order to combat a more powerful and revolting foe, the Pannion Domin. Second in command to Caladan Brood was the once High King Kallor.[5] Attached to the warlord's forces are a number of Tiste Andii sorcerers.

Hammer Time by Shadaan

Caladan Brood the Warlord by Dolmen aka Shadaan

In Toll the HoundsEdit

After Anomander Rake's death, Caladan Brood carried his body to a barrow outside Darujhistan prepared by Burn, and sealed it with a Barghast glyph that meant Grief. He then took the sword Dragnipur and shattered it with his hammer.

In Orb, Sceptre, ThroneEdit

Caladan Brood did his best to try and dissuade the Rhive tribes from going to war with the Malazan armies on Genabackis. He did not succeed as the Rhivi did engage a Malazan force. Later, Brood was instrumental in destroying the magical circle of stones around Darujhistan which was the key to the Tyrant's shield over Majesty Hill.

In Forge of Darkness Edit

Brood was a renowned Azathanai High Mason. He was hired by Anomander Purake to build and dedicate a hearthstone in the new home of the betrothed Andarist and Enesdia to celebrate their marriage. The stone was inscribed with an Azathanai blessing that would only be known by the new husband and wife. At the time of the stone's placing, Brood demanded an oath from Anomander Rake which prompted Rake to demand one in return.[6] This created a bond between them and ultimately led to their longstanding companionship. After the wedding day tragedy, Brood returned to the home where he told Anomander he would show him how to end the brewing civil war among the Tiste.[7]

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"They are a generation that has tasted blood, and when horror fades, nostalgia seeps in. In war all is simple, and there is appeal in this. Who among us is comforted by confusion, uncertainty?"
―Caladan Brood[src]

Grizzin Farl: "Is it as the Jaghut assert then? In society we find the seeds of its own destruction?"
Caladan Brood: "Perhaps, but they miss the point. It is the absence of society that leads to destruction. When concord is lost, when arguments cease, and in opposition neither side sees the other as kin, as brother and sister, then all manner of atrocity is possible."
―Grizzin Farl and Caladan Brood, sitting at campfire, finishing third bottle of wine[src]

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