Bult was an older Wickan warrior who accompanied Coltaine to Seven Cities before the onset of the Whirlwind rebellion. Coltaine sometimes jokingly referred to the veteran commander as "uncle", although the veracity of this claim was left unclear.[1]

He was described as having a wide flat face which seemed to fold in on itself diagonally due to a scar which ran from the right jawline to the left brow.[2] He also had gnarled, bandy legs and jagged teeth.[3][4] Bult claimed in jest that the loss of his youthful beauty had limited him to one blind wife.[5]

Although loyal to the Malazan Empire, he sometimes referred to Empress Laseen as the "short-haired woman".[6] He was a man of great humour, often joking and laughing with his commander and fellow staff.[7][8]

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

Bult served as Coltaine's second in command when the Wickan Fist took charge of the Malaz 7th Army in Hissar. At the Fist's first command council, Bult often spoke for Coltaine, although as Duiker later commented to Kulp, likely on his instructions. In this meeting Imperial Historian Duiker was added as a member of the Fist's staff, and Bult deliberately insulted and dismissed Mallick Rel, High Fist Pormqual's chief advisor.[9]

With signs of rebellion all around them, Bult assisted Coltaine in training the 7th Army in urban combat and civilian escort missions. When the Whirlwind rebellion finally arrived and drove the Fist out of Hissar, he joined the army in escorting Malazan refugees to Aren on the march that would come to be known as the Chain of Dogs.

During the march Bult served as Coltaine's commander in the field[10] and fought valiantly alongside his fellow Crow Clan horsewarriors.[11]

He had an intense loathing for the Hengese lapdog Roach, and made many attempts drive it through with his lance.[12]

Spoiler warning: The following section contains significant plot details about Bult.

When the refugees were finally safely behind the gates of Aren, Bult fell alongside his commander during Coltaine's final stand outside the city's gates. Duiker saw him fighting with a Dhobri tulwar in each hand before falling under a rain of lances.[13]

Significant plot details end here.


As a young warrior during the Wickan Wars, Bult injured the historian Duiker in a battle, turning his lance at the last moment when he noticed the historian was unarmed. Dujek then attacked the Wickan with his sword, giving Bult a cut to the face which turned into a disfiguring scar. Bult's horse in turn bit Dujek's arm who then lost that arm to the surgeons and became know as 'Dujek Onearm'.[14]

Notes and referencesEdit

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