There were several soldiers by the name of Bowl in the books. It was unclear if they were one and the same person.

In The BonehuntersEdit

Bowl was a heavy in Urb's squad in the Bonehunters, and as with most heavy infantrymen, he was described as huge. Unlike his compatriots' general reputation for being all muscle and no brain, Bowl managed to learn magic rather quickly when circumstances demanded it.

At the beginning of the Last Siege of Y'Ghatan, Bowl was one of the sappers being covered by Balgrid.[1] Later on, during the battle, the upper level of a house crashed onto the spot where Bowl had been crouching. According to Hellian he had not even seen it coming.[2]

In Reaper's GaleEdit

It is possible that Bowl did in fact survive Y'Ghatan as a heavy by that name was still in Urb's squad during the invasion of the Letherii Empire.[3] Bowl briefly found himself with Hellian's squad but was relieved when Urb turned up.[4] According to Beak, Bowl learned magic really fast[5] and he and Balgrid covered the squad's tracks.[6] Bowl died when a spear skewered his neck during a fight with Tiste Edur.[7]

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

A soldier by the name of Bowl was a saboteur sergeant of the Malazan Army.[8] He was a fat Dal Honese who wore a rusted pot helmet and a shirt of mail that was a ragged patchwork of wire, leather ties, and cloth knots. Bowl fought the rebel Talian League at the Battle of the Plains during the Malazan civil war. After the Talians were defeated, the Malazans were confronted by the Crimson Guard. Master Sergeant Braven Tooth assigned Bowl and the other sapper squad leaders the task of hunting Avowed.[9]

Notes and referencesEdit

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