Blind Gallan was a Tiste Andii poet said to be born in the 1078th year of Burn's Sleep.[1]

He lived in the city of Kharkanas. When deeming that he had seen too much, he blinded himself by tearing out his own eyes which he then ate. He was the namesake of the Road to Gallan.[2]

He was the author of The Conspiracy,[1] Hail the Season of War,[3] and Incantation.[4]

He also wrote a play or poem about a fictional character called Varanaxa. It was meant to be a snipe at those fawning over him and he was vilified for the epic farce but did not care.[5]

In The Crippled GodEdit

Sandalath Drukorlat thought of him as 'my brilliant, tortured court fool'.[6]

In The Kharkanas TrilogyEdit

Galan appeared in the framing sequence of these prequel novels which recalled events that took place thousands of years before the events of the Malazan Book of the Fallen. In Forge of Darkness, he sat with the bard, Fisher kel Tath, to tell the tale of Anomander Rake and the early history of Kurald Galain.[7] In Fall of Light the story continued. Presumably, Galan concluded the tale in the still to be published Walk in Shadow.

His works and sayings appeared to be well known by the people of Kurald Galain and were often quoted.[8] This contradicted epigraphs in Gardens of the Moon which dated his birth to 1078 BS.


"The wounded will wound
and every hurt is remembered.
"Closed doors do not sweat."
"The ground is bare and hard
and will hold all secrets
and the sky cares not
for the games of those beneath it.
"In unrelieved darkness waits every answer."
"On trembling floor
ashes will flow.
"At the point of a sword you will find the punctuation of idiots."
"So. I sense you manning still the ramparts of your admiration for the Son of Darkness. Will I never scour that romance from your vision? Must I beat you about the head with his flaws, his errors in judgement, his obstinacy? You are eager for the tale. No patience left for an old man trying to make a point."
―Blind Gallan[src]
"Against a broken heart, even absurdity falters.
Because words fall away.
A dialogue of silence.
That deafens.

Notes and referencesEdit

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