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"At her side her lifelong companion, Bellurdan, skull-crusher, a Thelomen giant who would test his prodigious strength against the Moon's portal, should it come to that."
―Nightchill and Bellurdan[src]

Bellurdan [Bell-ur-dan], also known as "Bellurdan Skullcrusher", was a giant-sized scholar and High Mage to Malazan Empress Laseen.[1]

In the books Bellurdan was identified as one of the Thelomen race, although Steven Erikson called him a Thel Akai in an interview. Thel Akai were even bigger than, and technically the ancestors of, Thelomen.[2] Bellurdan claimed his Thelomen blood made him a descendant of the Jaghut.[3]

Bellurdan was so tall that, even when kneeling, his head came near to Tattersail's full height.[4]

He was the lifemate of fellow High Mage Nightchill.[5]


Bellurdan had come down from Fenn on the Quon Tali mainland with Nightchill during the Unification Wars. After Kellanved's death, they were both assigned to Nathilog where they sat idle for six or seven years, their last campaign having been Seven Cities.[6]

In Gardens of the MoonEdit

Prior to the end of the Siege of Pale, High Mage Tayschrenn sent Bellurdan to the city of Genabaris to research new scrolls of Gothos' Folly which had been discovered in the mountains beyond Blackdog Forest.[7] From his research he was able to deduce the location of the prison of a Jaghut Tyrant east of Darujhistan.[8]

Afterwards, Bellurdan travelled to Pale with Nightchill, joining Tayschrenn's assault on Moon's Spawn and Anomander Rake. During the attack, a Kenryll'ah demon spawned and ripped Nightchill apart. Bellurdan was so infuriated that he rushed the demon, ignoring its attacks, and crushed its skull with his bare hands.[9] As a result of the attack, Bellurdan's neck and face were burned and most of his hair was gone.[10]

Following a request by soldiers who were getting sick patrolling the area, Tattersail found Bellurdan in a Pale alleyway five days after the battle. He was protecting a large burlap sack containing the remains of Nightchill. With Bellurdan's permission, Tattersail cast a sealing spell on the remains. During the encounter, Tattersail mentioned her suspicions that Tayschrenn had betrayed the other mages. But Bellurdan dismissed her concerns.[11]

Bellurdan sought out a burial place for Nightchill, but was soon sent after the fugitive Tattersail by Tayschrenn to stop her from going to Darujhistan. Bellurdan confronted the desperate Tattersail, who knowingly opened up her Warren fully, causing a conflagration in which both she and Bellurdan were incinerated.[12]

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Their souls then shifted to the body of Nightchill where all three souls were preserved. Part of his soul later made up the newly created Silverfox.[2]

In Toll the HoundsEdit

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Nimander discovered that Bellurdan ascended to become the Dying God.

In Night of KnivesEdit

Temper recollected the night of the Siege of Y'Ghatan and thought of some of the mages, amongst them the giant Bedurian [Bed-ur-ian].[13] From that description and the mention of Nightchill in the same context, it is generally assumed that Bedurian is synonymous with Bellurdan.

Notes and referencesEdit

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