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The Beast Hold was a magical analogue of a Warren, active on the continent of Lether. It was also represented in the Tiles of the Holds where it consisted of:

Tiles Edit

  • Bone Perch - Togg and Fanderay "Bone Perch now stands as a throne that none shall occupy, for its shape has become inimical to taming. The Hold of the Beast has found twin rulers"
  • Elder  - "I see the Elder, still faceless, still blind."
  • Crone - "And Crone, who measures the cost in the scrawling passage of behemoths."
  • Seer - "Seer, who speaks to the indifferent."
  • Shaman - "I see Shaman, seeking truths among the dead."
  • Hunter -  "And Hunter, who lives in the moment and thinks nothing of the consequences of slaughter."
  • Tracker -  "And Tracker, who sees the signs of the unknown, and walks the endless paths of tragedy."

Notes and referencesEdit

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