Bavedict was a Letherii alchemist, fascinated by the Moranth munitions as described by Hedge.

In Dust of Dreams Edit

To maintain the effectiveness of the sappers, Hedge recruited Bavedict to concoct new munitions for use in battle. During the battle with the K'Chain Nah'ruk, one of Bavedict's concoctions melted a phalanx of Nah'Ruk warriors in an acid-like spray.

In The Crippled God Edit

Bavedict was inspired by The Drum to invent a new type of cusser.[1]

Bavedict accompanied the Bonehunters through the Glass Desert with his carriage of supplies. When Hedge asked why his oxen were still alive after all the other pack animals had been killed to conserve water, Bavedict remarked that they were not alive any longer, but rather kept in motion through alchemy. When Hedge asked why he did not use the concoction long before to conserve water, the Alchemist said he had "never thought about it."

As the Bonehunters crept closer to their final battle, Hedge had Bavedict take extra care to keep his munitions cache a secret, referring to them as "kittens" when in the presence of non-sappers.

During the final battle to protect the body of the Crippled God, Bavedict accompanied the Bridgeburner force with the weapons cache and while he was first to fall (to a stray arrow), his weapons killed hundreds of Kolansii with a napalm-like concoction, buying the troops valuable time to reform.

Notes and referencesEdit

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