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Baudin, was a companion to Felisin Paran and Heboric after The Cull.[1] He was described as huge and bestial, "with all the makings of a common criminal", and possessed small, narrow-set eyes. Shortly after his first appearance he had his right ear torn off and he later grew a beard.[2][3]

Although seemingly a mere thug, Baudin often showed himself surprisingly knowledgeable regarding the history and workings of the Malazan Empire.[4] He was a man of few words, and possessed astonishing self-control and endurance.[5][6]

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

Baudin became acquainted with Felisin and Heboric during Unta's Cull, when all three were among those arrested by Empress Laseen and ordered sent to the Skullcup mining camp on Seven Cities. On the way to the slave ships the parade of prisoners was attacked by screaming mobs. Baudin protected Felisin, losing his ear in the process. He sacrificed fellow slave Lady Gaesen to the mob to save their lives.[7]

At the camp, Baudin became one of the crime lord Beneth's men and spent his time searching for a way to escape the prison. During the Whirlwind uprising he was able to lead Felisin and Heboric to freedom through an old mining tunnel under Sinker Lake.[8] He also strangled Beneth for keeping Felisin as his drug-addled plaything.[9]

After their escape, Baudin was revealed to be a remnant of the Talon, Dancer's elite assassins, sent by Felisin's sister Tavore to protect her and rescue her from the camp.[10] Felisin searched his pack and found thief's tools and assassin's weapons along with the talon of a large cat.[11]

The trio were rescued from the shores of Otataral Island by the crew of the Ripath. During the ship's unplanned journey through the warrens, Baudin received a lighter exposure to the magic that put Captain Gesler and his marines on the path to Ascendancy. The exposure left him bald, his body heavier and more solid, and his skin gilded as if tempered. Despite his mission, Felisin claimed to be repelled by him and drove him away.[12]

Baudin continued to secretly follow Felisin and was mortally wounded by Gryllen, a Rat D'ivers, while protecting Felisin, Heboric, and Kulp. He sought to use immolating fire, erroneously believing that the strange metallic cast to his skin meant that he was immune. Unfortunately, his use of fire combined with the vicious assault of the rats caused his death. He died in the repentant Felisin's embrace.[13]

In Memories of IceEdit

A supposed Gidrath of House Death stood beside Itkovian in defence of the Prince's Chamber in Capustan. Itkovian noted that he had ceased to sleep but continually paced. After the breaking of the siege Murillio and Coll brought the Mhybe to Capustan, and were confronted by Korbal Broach. The Gidrath appeared and warned Korbal to leave the city or face the wrath of his lord. Korbal named the Gidrath 'Knight of High House Death'.

Though the Gidrath couldn't remember who he once was, he informed Coll he was not a Gidrath but from another continent. His only memory was that of fire, and failing to protect a child.[14]

In House of Chains Edit

Fist Gamet recalled the events on the day of Felisin Paran's arrest. A man calling himself Kollen, who had recently been hired as a guard admitted to Gamet that he was there on Tavore's behest. He told the Fist that Kollen was not his real name and that Felisin's arrest was inevitable but that it was his (Kollen's) mission to be Felisin's guardian in the otataral mines. This and the Fist's recollection of Kollen's appearance confirm Kollen to have been Baudin.[15]

While on a mission for Adjunct Tavore, Pearl and Lostara Yil came across Baudin's body in the Pan'potsun hills, which had been reduced to a bare shell. Upon being punched, it simply collapsed. Pearl deduced that Hood himself had come personally to take not just Baudin's soul, but his flesh too. He further deduced that there had been a change in Hood's house, the High House Death.[16]

In Dancer's Lament Edit

The name of one of the boys in Wu's gang was Baudin. The boy stated that he was named for his father and his grandfather suggesting he might be an ancestor of Baudin the Talon.[17]


Baudin often hinted at a background at odds with his simple appearance. He claimed to have been born into the Talon, a position inherited from his father who had been in Malaz City on the night of the Shadow Moon. He was aware of the details of Emperor Kellanved and Dancer's assassination.[18]

He was likely much older than he appeared. He mentioned he had served in a prison gang twenty years previous, scuttling Republic ships in Quon harbour after they were defeated by the Malazan Empire. The marine Stormy was suspicious of this claim as it seemingly meant the Talon had been ten or fifteen at the time. Baudin claimed he was "something like that" and the reasons for his imprisonment were no one's business.[19]

Baudin had enough experience dealing with the T'lan Imass that he was unawed by them. "T'lan Imass were never nothing but trouble. Always two sides to whatever they did, maybe more than two. Maybe hundreds," he claimed.[20]

Notes and referencesEdit

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