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Baudin, was a companion to Felisin and Heboric[1]. He was described as huge, bestial, bearded and had an ear torn off.[2] Although displaying the behaviour of a thug, Baudin often showed himself surprisingly knowledgeable.[3]

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

Baudin was revealed to be a remnant of the Talon, Dancer's elite assassins, sent by Felisin's sister Tavore to protect her[4] He died during the confrontation with a Rat D'ivers while protecting Felisin, Heboric and Kulp. He sought to use immolating fire, erroneously believing that the strange metallic cast to his skin meant that he was immune, after being exposed to the Warren which helped in the Ascendancy of Stormy and his fellows. Unfortunately, his use of fire combined with the vicious assault of the rats caused his death. He died in Felisin's embrace.

In Memories of IceEdit

A supposed Gidrath of House Death stood beside Itkovian in defense of the Prince's Chamber in Capustan. Itkovian noted that he had ceased to sleep but continually paced. After the breaking of the seige Murillio and Coll brought the Mhybe to Capustan, and were confronted by Korbal Broach. The Gidrath appeared and warned Korbal to leave the city or face the wrath of his lord. Korbal named the Gidrath 'Knight of High House Death '.

Though the Gidrath could remember who he once was, he informed Coll he was not a Gidrath but from another continent. His only memory was that of fire, and failing to protect a child.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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