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The Barghast were a non-human pastoral nomadic warrior society[1] that were descended from Thelomen Toblakai and mortal Imass who were not in time for the Ritual of Tellann.[2] They were found on several continents.[3] Each hunter group was identified through their woad tattooing.

Barghast were known for their odd sense of humour.[4]

In Memories of Ice Edit

The old Barghast Spirits re-awakened and, using Mallet as a bridge, joined the younger ones. They were to tell their masters that the Founding Spirits of the Barghast had awakened but were trapped in Capustan. It was revealed that the Moranth were related to the Barghast.[5]

Known Barghast Edit

Barghast tribes Edit

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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