Balgrid was a young squad mage, in the 9th company 8th legion of the Bonehunters.  He was first assigned to Borduke's 6th squad, and laterly Hellian's 8th. He was originally described as slightly overweight[1] with an "appallingly unattractive" face, but seemed to grow into a thick-chested man, "solid as a tree trunk" over time.

Balgrid was an illusionist using the Meanas warren. His skill at 'cheating light in all directions' was such that it had impressed Bottle.[2] Balgrid also showed some degree of skill at necromancy through using Hood's Path. He could use High Denul.

Hellian called him "Baldy".[1]

In The BonehuntersEdit

During the Last Siege of Y'Ghatan Balgrid's squad was caught in an ambush which killed half of them.[3] Balgrid then tagged along with Fiddler's group and was amongst those who escaped by tunneling their way out.[4]

Notes and referencesEdit

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