Blood and Bone
Dramatis Personae Prologue
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Chapter 15
Epilogue Pagination

When the functionaries of this nation [the Thau-
maturg] go out in public, their insignia and the
number of their attendants are regulated according
to rank. The highest dignitaries are protected by four
parasols with golden handles, the next, two parasols
with golden handles, and finally there are those
protected by a single parasol with a golden handle.
Further down the line come those permitted only
parasols with silver handles. Likewise so with their
rods of office, and their palanquins...

Ular Takeq
Customs of Ancient Jakal-Uku


K'azz, Shimmer & the Crimson Guard detachment have arrived at Jacuruku. Their ship travels up a river propelled by the power of Ardata. On both banks is the jungle of Himatan, said to be half of the mortal realm and half of the spirit realm, and they seem to be travelling in a dream or nightmare. When a village appears, the ship's crew jump overboard to try to reach it and escape the dream-state, despite Rutana's warning that the villagers may be cannibals.

Murk and SourEdit

Murk and Sour have managed to detach all but two of the chains. Spite enters the prison and manages to take a casket containing the fragment, but is then caught by the remaining chains and is unable to extricate herself. Murk and Sour take the fragment inland through the jungle of Himatan.

The Chained GodEdit

The Chained God is aware of the theft of his fragment. He again sends his messenger to Skinner, and this time transports the Disavowed to the Dolmens where they encounter the trapped Sister Spite but refuse to help her.


In a dream, Saeng meets Citravghra, a leopard-headed beast-god, brother to Fener and Togg. He tells her that she is not only a witch but also priestess and mage. A catastrophe is approaching, and she might either ensure or avert it.

Monastry on Quon TaliEdit

Hannal Leath, the Abbess of Tali's monastery of the Queen of Dreams, is summoned to their Contemplation Pool which has started glowing: the Queen is arriving. She emerges from the Pool, collects a Seguleh guard who has been waiting outside the monastery, then summons an enchanted ship and departs for Jacuruku.

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