The Azath Tower was a battered grey stone structure surrounded by lumpy, clay-shot earth located in the cemetery in the city of Letheras. Many Letherii held that the Azath tower was the very first true structure of the Azath on that world.

This Azath House was dying and so made a bargain with Silchas Ruin, who was imprisoned within, to kill some of the more dangerous inhabitants that the House would free as it approached death, in exchange for his freedom.

The child Kettle, the tower's guardian, became an Azath seed after its demise, which later led to the creation of Kettle House in the Refugium.

In Dust of Dreams Edit

After its death, Sinn and Grub entered the Azath House without waking up the wasps nest that resided in the doorway. The house consisted of a main chamber with a fireplace dominating one wall, with two deep cushioned chairs present. Trunks and chests were placed against the other two walls. A tapestry hung on the remaining wall showing a battle between the combined Edur and Andii armies against the K'Chain Che'Malle armies.

The upper landing was bare. Beneath a window was slumped a desiccated corpse of a Forkrul Assail. This led Grub to deduce that the Azath had not died, but had actually simply walked out.

Known CaptivesEdit

Notes and referencesEdit

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