Sergeant Atelen Tinsmith was the leader of the Unta Harbour Guard. He was described as an older man having brown eyes, a long dour face, and a white moustache which hung to either of side of his turned-down mouth which was framed by deep fissures.[1]

As a younger man he fought for the Malazan Marines in Genabackis.[2] At some point he served with former Malazan Admiral Cartharon Crust, who reminisced about the times he disciplined "Smithy" with the crack of a belaying pin to the head.[3]

Tinsmith wore a leather vest over his shirt and carried a pair of long-knives on his belt.[4]

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

Tinsmith and the Harbour Guard were on the Untan docks when Cartharon Crust arrived on the Ragstopper. Tinsmith was suspicious of his former commander, but allowed him to make port.[5]

When the capital was invaded by the Crimson Guard, Tinsmith's squad ambushed Black the Elder, dropping the Avowed into the harbour earning his eternal enmity.[6] Beating a hasty retreat from the enraged Guardsman, they partially interrupted Crust's theft of Moranth munitions from the Imperial Arsenal.[7]

Following the Guard's withdrawal, Sergeant Tinsmith's squad was inducted into the Malaz 4th Army, which, led by Empress Laseen, followed the Guard by sea to Cawn and then Li Heng.[8] There the Malazans clashed with the rebellious Talian League at the Battle of the Plains while the Guard remained nearby. Tinsmith fought in Braven Tooth's battle group on the army's left flank.[9] Two of Tinsmith's squad, Hands and Honey Boy, did not survive the first day's fighting.[10]

After crushing the League, the Malazans fought the Crimson Guard on the second day of battle. Tinsmith's battalion was one of several broken by the Guard and he found himself sheltering with other displaced soldiers at the eastern redoubt created by his former squad member, Sergeant Nait.[11] He reluctantly re-entered the battle when First Sword of the Empire Korbolo Dom personally commanded him and his troops to attack the Guard's own western fortified position.[12]


"We don't melt. We hold. Understood?"
―Tinmsith, describing the Malazan battle plan[src]

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