The Ashok Regiment was part of the Malazan Army. They were all natives of Seven Cities and so were not initially trusted by Empress Laseen and assigned to the north of Genabackis, far from the "action".

They were also the group which captured Karsa Orlong and arrested the slavemaster Silgar and his men.

Later, the regiment was sent back to Seven Cities, probably to Ehrlitan. During the Whirlwind, Corporal Irriz from 3rd Company joined the rebellion and turned against 2nd Company.

It was unclear what relationship, if any, the regiment had to the city of Ashok on the Maadil Peninsula on Seven Cities.

Soldiers Edit

2nd Company Edit

Kindly and Pores by Corporal Nobbs

Kindly and Pores by Corporal Nobbs

3rd CompanyEdit

The only known soldier of the 3rd company was Corporal Irriz, who became a renegade.

Notes and referencesEdit

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