Ascendants were individuals who had transcended death. They formerly had been called First Heroes.[1] Ascendants could become gods if they gained sufficient following among mortals but they were not gods by default. They were more or less immortal, but could be killed. They had access to magic, even if they were not mages prior to their ascension.

Oponn maintained that Ascendants would try to rig every game and that Oponn delighted in uncertainty. They also stated that Shadowthrone and The Rope did not play fair.[2]

Tattersail claimed that when Dassem Ultor turned on his patron god Hood, "all at once other Ascendants started meddling, manipulating events."[3]

Notable Ascendants Edit

The following were listed as Ascendants in the Glossary of Gardens of the Moon[4]Edit

Notes and referencesEdit

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