The Ardent was a slave galley, originally captained by Hesalt. In addition its complement of crew, it bore eight guards bearing truncheons to manage the merchandise.[1]

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The Ardent came upon a body-strewn raft floating in the Southern Rust Ocean. Boarding the battered craft, the crew was astonished to discover all eleven passengers (nine men and two women) still lived. Captain Hesalt was pleased that the chance event would prove profitable and ordered the survivors to be chained in the hold. One survivor, Iron Bars, demanded the captain take them to Stratem. His demands were met by sneers so he murdered the ship's guards and threw the captain overboard, taking over by the ship.[2]

En route to Stratem, the ship was boarded by eight Seguleh led by Oru. Only when Iron Bars challenged their spokesman, Leal, and won did the Seguleh leave.

Later the ship was destroyed by Mare raiders and its crew sold to the Stormguard to defend the Stormwall.[3]

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