Aranatha by Puck

Aranatha by Puck

Aranatha was a Tiste Andii Soletaken Eleint, who formerly lived on the moving island of Drift Avalii before the invasion of the Tiste Edur. She was the daughter or grand-daughter of Anomander Rake. She and her relations, Nimander, Phaed, Skintick, Kedeviss, Nenanda and Desra were kept safe by their uncle Andarist until the events in House of Chains.

Spoiler warning: The following section contains significant plot details about Aranatha.

In Toll the HoundsEdit

Whilst escaping a trap laid for him by Clip, Nimander discovered that Aranatha had become the vessel for Mother Dark.

Significant plot details end here.

Notes and referencesEdit

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