Apt was a matron Aptorian demon[1] loyal to the House of Shadow. According to Shadowthrone, she had once been the concubine of a Demon Lord, but had fallen from his favor.[2]

Like all aptorians, Apt was a three-legged demon, walking on one clawed foreleg and two hindlegs.[3] She was around nine feet tall, with an elongated head, long snout, slitted nostrils, and a grin like a dolphin and needle-sharp fangs. Aptorians had only one slate-grey multi-faceted eye, but Kalam sensed that Apt observed him with "appalling awareness".[4][5][6][7] Mappo described her as having a flat head with a long neck and whose body was black and hairy all over.[8]

She spoke with a "rapid, rasping series of clicks and hisses".[9] Her speed and endurance were well beyond any earthly animal, and she walked in a strangely mechanical flow.[10]

In Deadhouse Gates Edit

Apt the aptorian by genesischant

Interpretation of Apt by genesischant

Apt demon of shadow by merlkir

Interpretation of Apt and Panek by Merlkir

She first appeared in Raraku, where Shadowthrone sent the demon to gather information on the Path of Hands convergence. Upon spotting her, Mappo convinced Icarium not to "lock jaws" with her.[11] She was "acquired" by Sha'ik, becoming one of the seer's three guardians, along with Leoman and Toblakai. Sha'ik later presented the demon to Kalam as a guardian after he delivered the Book of Dryjna to the prophetess.[12]

Apt followed Kalam at Sha'ik's bidding, but she gradually grew to respect the assassin. When the Kalam came upon a young boy who had been crucified and left to die by the Army of the Whirlwind, the demon was watching, unseen. She was moved by Kalam's compassion. There were, in fact, thirteen hundred such children who had been crucified. Through negotiations with Shadowthrone, she arranged to have all thirteen hundred spirited away to the Shadow Realm. Apt adopted Panek, the child Kalam had initially encountered. While healing the boy, Shadowthrone reshaped him to resemble her, transforming his two ravaged eyes into one large eye in the center of his forehead.[13]

Apt made a brief detour to battle the Semk godling, tearing its Ascendant fragment from its flesh and saving the life of Pearl and Lostara Yil.[14]

Together, she and Panek continued to watch over Kalam. But they arrived too late on the ship, Ragstopper, to prevent Pearl from stabbing the assassin and tossing him overboard in Malaz Bay. Overwhelmed by Apt, Pearl unleashed a Kenryll'ah demon and fled. In the resulting battle, the ship was destroyed and the ship's captain and crew escaped.[15] Later, in Mock's Hold, Apt saved the Kalam from a group of Claw who had surrounded him and Minala.[16]

In House of ChainsEdit

Apt and Minala led the children on a mission to guard the First Throne.

In The Bonehunters Edit

Apt was killed by Icarium in the defense of the First Throne of the T'lan Imass.


"I acquired a… a pet recently, which I now send with you, for I sense… possibilities in you, Deliverer."
―Sha'ik, giving Apt as an escort and gift to Kalam Mekhar, the deliverer of the Book[src]

Notes and referencesEdit

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