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Biographical information
Bornc.1147-9 BS
AppearanceSlanted black eyes, black hair
FamilyRellock (father)
Social information
AffiliationHigh House Shadow
Fishergirl (previously)
Title(s)Virgin of High House Death (as Sorry)

Once a young fisher girl from the coast of Itko Kan, Apsalar's life was drastically altered when Cotillion possessed her and created the alter-ego, "Sorry". The possession was visible in her eyes: despite her young age, she had aged eyes, those that were similar to one who had been withered by famine and death.

In Gardens of the MoonEdit


While observing a Malazan troop movement near her village in Itko Kan, she was interrupted by Rigga, an old woman. This old woman uttered a prophecy that foresaw Apsalar's possession. Seeing the injustice of this, Rigga wove a spell which gave the young girl some measure of protection.

Sorry's first move was to go to a Malazan recruiting station manned by Aragan, and enlist with the marines, specifically requesting a post under Dujek Onearm in Sergeant Whiskeyjack's squad. Two years later she was assigned to the Bridgeburners. Sorry was referred to as "recruit" by other members of the Bridgeburners, underlining the fact that she was not fully accepted as part of the Bridgeburners.

Through her possession Sorry was able to sense the opening of Warrens. Fiddler called her an uncanny bitch referring to her uncanny ability to think things out. Quick Ben referred to her as 'pure evil' and was initially visibly frightened by her.


When Sorry was abandoned by Cotillion, she was helped back to Darujhistan by Crokus. Having lost her memory, she asked Crokus for a Daru name. He originally suggested "Challice" but then decided that since it was someone else's name he should choose another. He then dubbed her "Apsalar", the name of his matron goddess, the Lady of Thieves but again changed his mind as it was the name of a goddess. The former Sorry disagreed and chose to remain Apsalar.

Crokus chose to try and protect Apsalar and decided to accompany her back to her village after his family was killed.

When Captain Paran assumed command of the Bridgeburners, Kalam and Fiddler declared they would follow him but that they must first help Apsalar back to her home on Itko Kan.

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

Arriving on the continent of Seven Cities, Kalam split from the group in Ehrlitan and the other three continued in disguise. Apsalar recalled more and more of Sorry's deadly knowledge as time went on. After the awakening of the Whirlwind, the travelling companions were attacked first by a tribe of Gral and then found themselves in a battle between some Soletaken and D'ivers. They were saved by the appearance of Icarium and Mappo who drove off the D'ivers, Gryllen.

Icarium and Mappo then escorted them back to the temple inhabited by Iskaral Pust, who showed a great talent for healing, mending Fiddler's crushed ankle. He also revealed Fiddler's true destination, Tremorlor, the Azath House in the desert which Quick Ben believed held a gate which could take them to the Deadhouse in Malaz City. He also reassured the group that Anomander Rake's bane held and Cotillion would not possess Apsalar again.

It was revealed that Iskaral Pust's servant was actually Rellock, Apsalar's father, who then chose to accompany the group back to his home village.

In House of ChainsEdit

Having travelled to her destroyed village and witnessed the death of her father, Crokus and Apsalar continued to travel alone across the continent of Quon Tali. In a bid to gain money and try to get closer to Apsalar, Crokus learned how to help her perform assassinations, and eventually become a skilled killer in his own right. He took the new name of "Cutter", which had the unintended affect of pushing Apsalar further away due to her revulsion at her own abilities.

Cutter was encouraged by Cotillion to secretly take Apsalar to Drift Avalii in order to protect the Throne of Shadow from an unnamed threat. Quickly realizing the deception, Apsalar was yet further pushed away from Cutter. The two travelled by boat to Drift Avalii, where the floating island destroyed their vessel, leaving Apsalar on land, and Cutter sucked into one of the vortices leading to the center of the island.

Believing Cutter to be dead, Apsalar travelled inland only to find survivors of the Malazan Navy who had been marooned on the island after a brief confrontation with Tiste Edur naval units. Together, they journeyed to the ruins of the castle protecting the Throne. There, Apsalar was reunited with Cutter and met the Tiste Andii, Andarist and plans were made to prevent the Edur from regaining the Throne. The ensuing battle left only Traveller, Cutter and Apsalar alive.

In exchange for their help, Cotillion eased their return to Seven Cities and the long journey to Darujhistan.

In The BonehuntersEdit

Having returned to the monastery in Seven Cities inhabited by Iskaral Pust, Apsalar no longer felt she could safely travel with Cutter and decided she had to leave him in order to prevent him being further corrupted by her influence. Travelling within a fragment of Kurald Emurlahn to escape, she encountered two undead, skeletal lizards: Curdle and Telorast. Curious, the two lizards convinced Apsalar to free them from their bonds and chose to accompany her. Leaving the Warren, Apsalar wandered Seven Cities until she met up with the Bonehunters after the last siege of Y'Ghatan. They decided to allow her to accompany them to their ships, where they were ordered to return to Quon Tali.

In Malaz City, she killed the Clawmaster, Pearl and three hundred and seven Claws singlehandedly. Shadowthrone himself said that her shadow dance was even more impressive than Cotillion's.

In The Crippled God Edit

Apsalar was finally reunited with Crokus in her father's fishing village.

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