Apsal'ara, also known as Apsalar or Lady Apsalar,[1] was an Ascendant revered by the thieves of Darujhistan, Genabackis, as the Lady of Thieves.[2] She was also referred to as Mistress of Thieves[3] and the Thief Queen.[1] There were no "iconic representations" of Apsal'ara ("possibly a prohibition enforced by the temples" devoted to the Mistress of Thieves), but two of her symbols were 'footprints' and 'a veil'.[4]

Spoiler warning: The following section contains significant plot details about Apsal'ara.


She was an Imass[5] (or very nearly Imass)[6] slain by Anomander Rake using Dragnipur after she had tried to stab the Tiste Andii lord in the back. The altercation had occurred in Moon's Spawn long before the series began.

In Toll the HoundsEdit

She appeared in Dragnipur lying on the wheels of the wagon, the closest of all to escaping her chains. She managed to shatter the chains by pushing them close to the Gate of Darkness. Rake, on his one day in Dragnipur, set her free.

In The Crippled GodEdit

She went to Anomander Rake's son Nimander, the now leader of the Tiste Andii, seeking answers, joining Nimander's personal staff. She later became his lover. She fought at the breach at Lightfall alongside Withal. She was seen flirting with Kalam Mekhar after the last battle.

Significant plot details end here.

In Orb Sceptre ThroneEdit

Legends spoke of a garden within Moon's Spawn whose flowers had never seen the sun. Among them was a black rose said to be touched by the tears of Mother Dark. Apsal'ara had once sought to steal the rose, but failed. Many years later, the thief Malakai entered the ruins of Moon's Spawn to succeed where the Lady had not. Unfortunately, by the time Malakai found the gardens all the flowers were long dead.[7]

In Dancer's LamentEdit

Dorin Rav spoke with Wu of the story of Apsalar's quest for the impossible night-blooming rose within the Moon's Child.[8]


Not being able to remember what her father had named her, Sorry took the name Apsalar after Crokus Younghand (who was an experienced thief in Darujhistan) told her about the 'Lady of Thieves' - since Apsal'ara was commonly referred to by the name in that form, especially within the cult of Apsalar/Apsal'ara in the region of Darujhistan.[9][10]

Quotes Edit

"Pluck a flower from a field and it will not thrive. Take and beauty dies, and that which one possesses becomes worthless. I am a thief. I take but do not keep. All I gain I cast away. I take your wealth only because you value it.
I am Apsal’ara, Mistress of Thieves. Only you need fear me, you who lust to own.

Notes and referencesEdit

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