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"The black, silver-maned dragon emerged from the darkness overhead like a piece of night torn loose..."
―The arrival of Anomander Rake[src]

Anomander Rake [Ahno-man-der] was the Lord of Moon's Spawn, Son of Darkness, Knight of Darkness[5] and the leader of the Tiste Andii. He was said to be 'seated in the Throne of Sorrow.[4]

He was described by Baruk as having jet-black skin and a mane which flowed silver. Rake's features were sharp as if cut from onyx and his eyes, described as multihued, had a slight upward tilt and large vertical pupills. Baruk perceived them as changing colour from a deep hue of amber to grey and banded - a rainbow of colours. At one point they were green, a short while later black. Rake was nearly seven feet tall and on that occasion was cloaked and wore boots. He also carried an enormous two-handed sword on his back.[6]

As a mage he made use of the Elder Warren of Kurald Galain.[7] Baruk could feel the power emanating from Rake and judged him to be more powerful than Tayschrenn.[8]

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In Gardens of the MoonEdit

After a long absence, Moon's Spawn had reappeared over Genabackis a few years ago and Tiste Andii legions under Caladan Brood had descended to fight the Malazan Empire. The Lord of Moon's Spawn had remained behind however and instead went to Pale to make a pact with the wizards of the city. About two[9] years ago, Moon's Spawn had appeared in the skies over Pale, effectively bringing the ongoing siege by the Malazans to a standstill.[10]

When the Empire eventually decided to break the stalemate, Rake was forced to fight the Imperial High Mages Tayschrenn, Nightchill, Bellurdan and A'Karonys as well as Tattersail's mage cadre. The ensuing mage battle obliterated entire regiments, a cost of lives which Rake had hoped to avoid by his presence.[11] Despite three of the High Mages being taken out by what looked like an attack from their own side, Moon's Spawn in the end retreated.[12]

Rake than went to Darujhistan, the next target of the Malazans, to form an alliance with the T'orrud Cabal of mages against the Empire. Their leader, the alchemist Baruk, mentioned that two of the Pale wizards were hiding in Darujhistan and Rake demanded their heads. He told Baruk that he had already chased down all the others as the desertion of those mages just prior to the last battle had led to the defenders defeat. When he demanded their heads and told Baruk that he would otherwise use his sword , the alchemist promised he should have them - an action described by Rake as mercy.[13]

Rake was not told all that the Great Raven Crone knew about the coinbearer nor did he know that Brood had arrange for him to be protected by the Crimson Guard against Rake's Tiste Andii mages.[14]

Rake killed two Hounds of Shadow when all seven beasts attacked him. A few moments later, he confronted Shadowthrone and warned him to not interfere with Darujhistan else he would assail the realm of Shadow. His threat was enough to force Shadowthrone to stop Cotillion from possessing Sorry's body.[15]

Perceiving the threat of the Jaghut Tyrant, Raest, he sent Silanah and four Andii soletaken Eleint to delay him. He then fought and killed a Galayn Demon lord that had been released in the streets of the city by Adjunct Lorn.

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In Memories of IceEdit

Anomander and his Tiste Andii followers participated in the Pannion War against the Pannion Domin. During the final battle, Anomander took most of the Tiste Andii with him in Moon's Spawn and hid it underneath the harbor of Coral in Ortnal's Cut, a very deep chasm. There they waited until the attack of Caladan Brood and his allied army began, and then unveiled Kurald Galain and engulfed the entire city. The city came to be known as Black Coral where the remaining Tiste Andii settled, after Moons Spawn was destroyed.

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Interpretation of Rake by Keezy Young

Anomander Rake

'Attend' - Interpretation of Anomander Rake by Paradanmellow

In Toll the HoundsEdit

Anomander Rake was killed during a duel with Traveller in Darujhistan. As Rake blocked Traveller's sword, he let Dragnipur split his own skull.[16] Once inside Dragnipur, he sacrificed himself to bring Mother Dark and the Gate of Darkness back to the Tiste Andii in Black Coral. The sacrifice dispersed Rake's soul into Kurald Galain, and earned Draconus's forgiveness and respect.[17]

After the duel, Caladan Brood arrived in Darujhistan and carried Anomander's body to a barrow outside the city prepared by Burn. Every Daru citizen followed Brood out to the barrow to honor the Tiste Andii Lord who had twice saved them from destruction. Brood sealed Rake's barrow with a Barghast glyph that means "Grief." Nimander Golit took Rake's place as Lord of the Tiste Andii in Black Coral.

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Interpretation of Anomander Rake by Slaine69

Anomander Rake and Spinnock by Autumn Tavern

Interpretation of Anomander Rake and Spinnock Durav by Autumn Tavern

In Forge of DarknessEdit

Anomander Rake was part of House Purake at a time when his father Nimander (his son would be named after his father) had recently passed away. Mother Dark gave Anomander and his two brothers the title of Sons of Darkness with Anomander being named 'First Son of Darkness'.[18]

In anticipation of his brother Andarist's wedding to Enesdia, Anomander commissioned a traditional Azathanai hearthstone for their new home. But unlike other such stones, he commissioned the work to be done by Azathanai High Mason, Caladan Brood. Upon the laying of the stone Brood asked Anomander to seal his loyalty to his brother with a blood pact, in return Anomander asked the mason to do the same. Begrudgingly, Brood did so connecting the two men for both their lives.[19]

Anomander was present when the Azathanai, T'riss, arrived in Kharkanas to speak with Mother Dark and sanctify the temple with Vitr. Mother Dark's expanded power transformed Anomander, turning his pale gold skin black and his hair silver.[20][21]

Anomander also commissioned one of the legendary Hust swords from Hust Henarald. Uniquely, he requested that sword share its voice only with its bearer.[22] Upon delivery, Mother Dark refused to bless the sword, which angered Anomander.[23] When Andarist's betrothed was murdered shortly before their wedding Anomander was inspired by the crime to name his sword Vengeance. Andarist pleaded with him to instead name the sword Grief. Anomander's refusal created a rift between the brothers.[24]

Rake and the SegulehEdit

At some point before the creation of the Malazan Empire, Anomander visited the home island of the Seguleh. Rake's arrogant nature was perceived as a challenge by the non-verbal Seguleh, sparking duels with many of the inhabitants. By the time Anomander's incomprehension and frustration led him to leave the island, he had already advanced to the position of Seguleh Seventh.[3]

Blacksword Visits by Shadaan and Tinyshiloh

'Blacksword visits' Interpretation of Anomander Rake amongst the Seguleh
by Shadaan and Tinyshiloh

Speculation, In Assail Edit

There is rampant speculation that Jethiss, the Tiste Andii who traveled with Fisher Kel Tath on the continent of Assail is Anomander Rake. However, it is equally (according to some more likely) that Jethiss is actually Spinnock Durav. This can be inferred from the vague memories that Jethiss has of his previous life.

Other namesEdit

Anomander Rake goes by a number of pseudonyms and titles.

  • Anomandaris Dragnipurake
  • Anomandaris Irake
  • Black-Winged Lord
  • Blacksword
  • First Son of Darkness[25]
  • Knight of High House Dark
  • Lord of Moon's Spawn
  • The Mane of Chaos
  • The Rake
  • Son of Darkness


Anomander was Soletaken, able to assume the form of a huge black dragon.

He was one of the three chosen sons of Mother Dark, and her most favored. His brothers were Silchas Ruin and Andarist.

His sword was called Dragnipur, taken from its creator, the Elder God Draconus by Anomander Rake, who then turned it upon its creator.

T'riss was a one-time companion,[26] as were Lady Envy and Caladan Brood.[4]

Quotes Edit

"There is no struggle too vast, no odds too overwhelming, for even should we fail — should we fall — we will know that we have lived."
―Anomander Rake, Son of Darkness[src]
"Anomander Rake, lord of the black-skinned Tiste Andii, who has looked down on a hundred thousand winters, who has tasted the blood of dragons, who leads the last of his kind, seated in the throne of sorrow and a kingdom tragic and fey— a kingdom with no land to call its own."
―Tattersail, upon seeing Anomander Rake for the first time[src]
"All that he has ever asked of us, of me, and Spinnock Durav, and so many others, he has given us in return. Each and every time. This . . . this is his secret. Don't you understand, High Priestess? We served the one who served us."
―Endest Silan to the High Priestess of Darkness[src]

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