The Anibar were a tribe who dwelt in Shield lands north of the Jhag Odhan on Seven Cities.[1]

In The BonehuntersEdit

The Anibar were beset by enemies. When they met Samar Dev and Karsa Orlong, their leader, Boatfinder, requested from Karsa that he slay their enemies for them. The Anibar had a legend that the wielders of swords of birth-stone (which was the type of stone Karsa's sword was made of) would defend them in a time of great slaying. Karsa insisted on Boatfinder coming along on the quest.[2]

While travelling with the Anibar, Boatfinder told Samar and Karsa the legend of his people. A man they called the Iron Prophet warned the Ugari and Anibar tibes of a time of great slaying, and in that time of great peril, wielders of birth-stones would come to defend them. On being questioned by Samar Dev, he elaborated that "King" Iskar Jarak's kingdom was of the 'unfound time' meaning the future and that he was a Mezla. He also confirmed Samar's hunch that from the past to the present there was a bridge which they could not cross and that it was burning.[3]

Notes and referencesEdit

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