Andarist was a Tiste Andii and the brother of Anomander Rake. Unlike Rake, Andarist had not become a Soletaken dragon and thus, although still long-lived, he aged.[3]

He was described as an extremely tall, ancient old man. His hair was long, white and dishevelled and he wore a beard. His skin was black as ebony and his eyes glittered amber, actually emitting light. The heat radiating from his body shrivelled plants in his vicinity.[4] He had weathered features.[5] He spoke very good Malazan, although haltingly, as if he rarely used the words.[6]

Andarist had long surrendered himself to a grief that could never heal.[7]

He wielded the huge, double-handed sword Vengeance (also called Grief).[8]

Apparently, he did not value his brother, the First Son of Darkness, very highly and felt betrayed by him, having been left on Drift Avalii to fend off the various attacks of those who might desire to take the Throne of Shadow for themselves, with no help ever being sent by his brother.[9]

In House of ChainsEdit

Andarist was encountered by Cutter and Apsalar on the floating island Drift Avali, defending a group of young Tiste Andii and the Throne of Shadow. When asked about his sword by Cutter, Andarist remarked that, if wielded by an individual with enough willpower, the sword was unbeatable in combat. He added that he did not posses such talent and so he expected the upcoming battle to be his last.[10][11]

Andarist was killed by Tiste Edur sorcery whilst defending the Throne of Shadow. He did not die without a fight as he was an extremely skilled swordsman but could not counter the magic attack.[12]

His sword Vengeance was then taken by the man called Traveller, something Cotillion advocated.[13]

In Forge of DarknessEdit

Andarist was the brother were Anomander Rake and Silchas Ruin. They were each granted the title Son of Darkness by Mother Dark.[14]

Andarist became one of the Tiste Andii, his skin turned black by exposure to Mother Dark, alongside his brother Anomander.[15]

Andarist's betrothed, Enesdia, was brutally murdered on the way to their wedding as part of Hunn Raal's political schemes in Kurald Galain.[16] Her brother Kadaspala, who ended up being held prisoner in Dragnipur, would later claim that Enesdia was Andarist's wife, but the marriage never actually took place. The murder caused a rift between Andarist and Anomander when Anomander was inspired by the crime to name his sword "Vengeance" rather than "Grief" as Andarist requested.[17]

Enesdia was posthumously titled High Priestess of Dark by Mother Dark as the acolyte, Endest Silann, bled over her grave, an event that happened slightly differently in later memory.[18]

He [Endest] had clasped the hand of the dying High Priestess, sharing with her the bleak knowledge that nothing waited for her, nothing at all. He had stood, gods, so long along now, staring down at his blood-covered hands, above the body of a sweet, gentle woman, Andarist's wife. ―Endest Silann • Toll the Hounds

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