Ampelas was an Eleint.[1]

In The BonehuntersEdit

Chained in Shadow by Noah Bradley

Ampelas, Eloth or Kalse by Noah Bradley (Official image)

Edgewalker followed Cotillion to a circle of standing stones in Kurald Emurlahn where three dragons were chained. Cotillion bargained with Edgewalker for the name of the three and Edgewalker gave them as Ampelas, Kalse and Eloth. Being offered the potential of freedom, the dragons were willing to talk with him. It transpired that they had tried to conquer the Realm of Shadow in order to heal it but were thwarted by Anomander Rake, who insisted on keeping the Throne of Shadow unclaimed. The dragons spoke of having acted on behalf of K'rul whose blood was growing sickly and Ampelas declared that he himself had shaped the Blood in the paths of Emurlahn leading Cotillion to ponder whether dragons might be the flavours of K'rul's blood. Ampelas initially refused to answer the question if the Cripppled God was also an Elder God, saying he cares nothing for Cotillion's home world but then revealed, possibly unintentionally, that the Crippled God was working through the shards of Kurald Emurlahn. Before leaving, Cotillion told Ampelas that they would speak again.[2]

In Dust of DreamsEdit

The last surviving K'Chain Che'Malle skykeep, Ampelas Rooted, was presumably named after him.[citation needed]

In The Crippled GodEdit

Cotillion returned to the dragons to offer them a bargain.[3]

Shadowthrone gifted Silchas Ruin a Hust Sword to which Ampelas, Kalse and Eloth were chained. The three dragons fought alongside Silchas and Tulas Shorn against the storm of dragons which sought to tear apart Korabas. They bought Korabas enough time to reach the barrow she sought and briefly taste freedom.[4]

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