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Amby Bole was one of the infamous Bole brothers and used to be a High Marshal of the Mott Irregulars. He and his brother Jula Bole joined the Trygalle Trade Guild as Shareholders. They shared a love interest in their fellow Shareholder and ex-Mott Irregular Precious Thimble.

In Dust of Dreams Edit

When their Guild carriage was attacked by a Shi'Gal Assassin, he and his brother displayed amazing strength. Using primarily their bare fists, they were able to beat back a K'Chain Che'Malle easily four times their size.[1]

In The Crippled God Edit

After the death of his brother, Amby's infatuation for Precious Thimble dissipated.[2] He was identified by Olar Ethil as a Jhag Bolead,[3] implying that the Bole brothers were of half-blood Jaghut lineage. He was pivotal in saving Brys Beddict, Faint and Aranict.

Notes and referencesEdit

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