Amaron or Ameron [Ah-marr-on] was one of the first members of Kellanved's family, and one of the four original admirals in Kellanved's navy. He was also once commander of the Talon.[1] He was a large Napan man.[2]

He was one of the sub-commanders of the 3rd Army during the Siege of Y'Ghatan.[3]

He had a "deep-blue Napan face" and later in life he was "rather wide around the middle."[4]

After Laseen took the throne of the Malazan Empire, Amaron "drowned", meaning he staged his own death.

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

As an Old Guard, Amaron was one of the leaders in the Talian League's uprising against Laseen. He described his role as one of intelligence gathering and doing "whatever needs be done." At the start of the uprising, his cavalry forces rescued the rebellion's figurehead Ghelel Rhik Tayliin and the swordmaster Quinn from Malazan soldiers.[5] He then assigned his agent Molk to keep her out of harm's way.[6]

After the League was defeated by the Malazans at the Battle of the Plains, Amaron sought out the Seti shaman Imotan who had betrayed and murdered his friend Toc the Elder. Amaron found only the corpses of Imotan and his followers, massacred by the man-jackal Ryllandaras. He then joined the hunt for the monster along with Urko Crust, Temper, Ferrule, Braven Tooth, Hurl, Rell, and Liss. Liss used magic to compel and hold Ryllandaras while the others attempted to kill him. They were ultimately successful, but Amaron did not survive the battle.[7]

Notes and referencesEdit

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